Hey guys? I know it’s only been a few days since I posted but I guess I couldn’t wait till the weekend to blog 😌 hope you have been well. Happy end End month btw… Hope your all smiling to the bank 😉 ok let’s dive into this blog 🏊

I have been feeling the boyish look. Sometimes I feel girly sometimes I dont💁 It’s always chic, really you can never go wrong. However sometimes I look around and see some over-done boyish look. I think I like it simple.

For me I went for an oversized jumper that I stole from my boyfriends closet. It’s so cool! It’s so street-cool, I just love it!   I paired it with some black tights to give a monochromatic finish to the look. I also added my beloved Jordans that added some colour and more boyish personality to the look!

Outfit Details:

Oversized sweater- Primark 

Black tights- River Island

Jordans- JD 

15 thoughts on “Boyish”

  1. Loving it….J’s and a pair of tights never go wrong….oversized sweatshirt is a must have….i love the hair too


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