Craving the sun 

Hey guys? Hope you have all been okay? well I have been a busy bee … May has been an exam infested month, but hey hello summer… Although the rain has been uncontrollable in Nairobi. This look was inspired by my current obsession for the fake sun in England haha I call it fake because once you walk out and it’s actually chilly.

 So I paired my little sunflower yellow cami dress with a long line rust red blazer that gives the look a chic feel as sell as an elegant colour blocking fusion, between the sunflower yellow Cami dress am wearing and the layered blazer and a beautiful touch of trendy lace up heels. Definately a girls lunch date look! 

Oh and am loving my little braids bob that I made up from the trendy Bob Braids everyone has been rocking. Definitely looking to re do this look again! Ok so it’s official am back to blogging. 

Yellow cami dress will soon be available to purchase from Here 

Thanks for passing by 😊 

6 thoughts on “Craving the sun ”

  1. Hi gorgeous, thanks 4 ua posts. As always very cute. Cud u plz tackle the issue of online shopping 4 us especially me. The dos n don’ts. Cz as u knw I wud nt want 2 fall vicTim to theft n so forth.

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