Just Leave! 

Many of us struggle to leave our unhappy place because we are more comfortable about where we know than where we don’t know. We don’t want want to take a risk of leaving our friendship groups/ ungodly relationships/Job/school/House that we have been apart of for a long time even though we may not be happy in those places or relationships. Mainly because we worry about what people will say, what if we fail, what if it doesn’t work out? So we decided to stay unhappy at the expence of our Joy. 

Before you consider leaving establish whether God wants you to leave that place or He is using you in that friendship group? Trust me the conviction will be present, just pray about it. 

Today’s verse we see a man who wanted to follow Jesus but wanted first to bury his relative; this in many ways could be first you want to enjoy the night life before you let God in; even when that life is draining you and your unhappy. Or it could be you don’t want to stop having sex with your unsaved boyfriend whom your not quite ready to let go of… Or you know God has called you to pursue your passion but you want to stay in your secure job although your unhappy… Jesus in turn told the man to leave his past because those in his past could work it out without him. I am sure the guy maybe thought Jesus was alittle insensitive as all your friends would think if you stop going out with them… but Jesus knew that. If you have been convicted to do something & your sure God has called to do something or has instructed you to change your ways… Truly there is no easy way to do it… Just leave… Just stop… Just don’t go back… What you are to gain with the support of the most High King is more than what your friend who you know talk behind your back can do for you? It’s not easy that’s why you need Him. Pray to Him for self control to stay away from those people or things… Be intentional about your obedience to His command… Plan how you will stay away from those things… Or if it’s a job and you have Been convicted to leave just leave… Remember God cannot give you further instruction on the next Job or where you will get a better healthy friendly relationships if you don’t leave the ungodly relationship or that Job He didn’t even tell you to apply. 

Remember being unhappy in your current situation doesn’t mean your not supposed to be there or you should quit. It could be God is using you at your work place or in your group of friends ( make sure your influencing them & their not wrongly influencing you), also it could be your in a season of testing. Pray for your answer before you leave… Remember it will not be easy when you leave… Abraham encountered a lot on his way to Canaan and he made foolish mistakes by going off course and going to Egypt instead of being steadfast and believing that God was going to provide during the famine…so stay steadfast, walk by faith and not by sight… He will be walking right with you as you walk away and toward the direction He will be leading you. GB

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