Wide Legged Pants

Yay! A new style blog! I posted the above photo  on Instagram and you guys liked it! So here are the full deets! 

Where did I get the pieces?

The pants are available at My Couture Kenya. I got the crop top from New Look. Neck Piece from Dorothy Perkins. 

Why do I like it? 

It’s so comfortable and still so chic! My end goal like everyday of my life. Not to mention still trendy. 

Where would I wear it? 

At work… Mind you I am my own boss ( lol sounds like am part of Blaze 😂 ) but hey! Be your own Boss. I can wear it to meet up with friends or go for a picnic. 

Where was I going? 

Was doing a shoot for a blog post. 

I thought you guys would like maybe more of these types of posts! So if you like any of my #OOTD pics let me know and I can give you info on where I was going ; where would I wear them to… Thanks for reading my blog. Check out my others posts 

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