Coming Back to a Heart Of Worship

Hello guys I know I have been away for a while, off social media for Abit. Well I have been going through a transition in my spiritual journey & also a couple of tests of faith here and there. 

Well I am back to my regular spiritual blogs as well as style blogs! I will try be more consistent because I know some of you love them so, please leave a comment below on what you would like see in terms of fashion based or spiritual blogs as well as entrepreneural blogs. 

I have gone through a season of just ignoring Gods advices and doing what I wanted. Being too lazy to spend time with God. Falling at every temptation the devil brought. But I have had to bring myself to realise that I am nothing without God. I don’t need to stay down again and I am no longer bound by my sin. I had to knock myself out of my lazy funk to spend time with God. I was really battling a spirit of laziness in my spiritual journey as well as school work… And although I wasn’t quite indulging in worldly ways I realised the peace that I used to harbour when I had been so crazy for Jesus had left me I had constant headaches from thinking about my business, school work… May I just say it’s not easy managing a business while you are a continent away… So a lot of that has been on my shoulder but I was taking up all this & forgetting the Kings of Kings who died to give me rest & all I have to do is worship Him and He can bring a big storm into instant calm.

Sometimes we get carried away by our lives and procrastinate on God. What would happen if God procrastinated me? How would I feel? Well I wouldn’t appreciate it very much. 

During this time I realised I went back to occasional cursing which I didn’t do, I was having unclean thoughts, I was allowing things into my heart that I normally wouldn’t, I wanted to be on the edge… And truly this is not a place I would be if only I had spent time with the Prince of Peace & if only when He told me stop and spend time with me Him I would have done it. 

If you are in this position come back to the spirit of worship. What I did is I got to my knees and I wept and I worshiped and I laid myself down for the Risen King and He took away all my sins and He took away all the heaviness. He even gave me a new perceptive on the things I had been killing myself thinking about. Get back to a heart of worship. There is no better way. I can tell what I want I want to get to a place where people see me and they instead see God that is my goal in life. I believe yours should be the same.. I can tell you something someone said about me ( not to blow my own horn) when they visited the MyCoutureKenya Boutique she said “oh and she really loves God” I can tell you that is by far the best compliment anyone has ever given me. I want to be identified with God. I want to be like Enoch who was said to have walked with God. I want to walk with God too! I want to be like David who was said to be a man after Gods’ own heart. I want to be a lady after Gods own heart. Do you? 

Thank you for reading this blog. It’s not like the others it’s more me.. Sharing my experience as Kingdom Child. Leave a comment on a topic you would like me to discuss on. GB

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