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I am a law student based in Portsmouth, UK: originally from Nairobi, Kenya. I love creating beautiful pictures. I also enjoy sharing fashion tips and my daily looks on my blog.

Living & Loving Pastels

 Hey ladies hope you have been having a great week! I have. I honestly have been having a feeling of New Me coming in. Just finding out who God says I am and what His purpose is in my life. Reason why I have wanted to go on this journey is because I have been battling persistent spirit of laziness & procrastination for a couple of weeks both in this blog and school work. I have had no will to pursue anything even dressing up hence this look. 

So as a result knit wear has been my go to. Paired with a pair of jeans and converse but I choose these coral sandal heels for the purpose of this post… haha. It’s been so chilly and I have accumulated a number of knit tops.. but this right here is my current fave. Pastel pink is the 2016 Pantone colour of the year not to mention I am totally obsessed with it. It also suits my complexion hah! This sweater also has a little bit of character with a cut out on the back… you can never go wrong with that! This look is so simple and effortless you should try it yourself like I said you can never go wrong.

Thank for reading xx

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How to slay simple!

Hey girls I know it’s been a minute but your girl is back! I have had many of you ask me a couple of questions on how stay slaying even during this cold rainy season/ fall-winter well I have a look book coming soon! I have also had questions on how to start blogging and how to set up a blog and I will have a post on that too… please feel free to ask any other question on the comment box below or on my social media platform! 

Okay let’s get to it. So how do I stay slaying? Well of course I have my sloppy days but most times I like to dress up just because it makes me feel good and actually do something with my life that day. You can never let a good outfit go to waste. 

1. I wear what works for my body: notice I didn’t say body type because I genuinely believe everyone’s body is not quite the same; what works on my friend doesn’t necessarily work for me!

2. I Work with my best parts! I like my legs so I always make sure my bottom half is slayed then I put on a basic like this sweater and layer it up with a cool piece like this biker jacket. 

3. I love me some basics obviously because they are cheaper then get some investment pieces to make the whole look. In this case that’s the leather jackets it puts the whole look together. 

4. Understand which trends are on see whether they fit your style if not then let it go. Stick with what works for you and your style but hey take a risk ones in a while but of course don’t forget to stay classy! 

5. A pair of cute sandal heels or simple court shoes always make an outfit put together! Get you some! Especially in Neutral colours so they go with everything. Like these faux suede Brown court shoes I have! They are so cute but fierce at the same time. 

6.  Accessories!!! It gives your outfit a personal touch. My outfit looks simple till you notice my beautiful statement earrings that tells you I am definitely going somewhere important! 

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Coming Back to a Heart Of Worship

Hello guys I know I have been away for a while, off social media for Abit. Well I have been going through a transition in my spiritual journey & also a couple of tests of faith here and there. 

Well I am back to my regular spiritual blogs as well as style blogs! I will try be more consistent because I know some of you love them so, please leave a comment below on what you would like see in terms of fashion based or spiritual blogs as well as entrepreneural blogs. 

I have gone through a season of just ignoring Gods advices and doing what I wanted. Being too lazy to spend time with God. Falling at every temptation the devil brought. But I have had to bring myself to realise that I am nothing without God. I don’t need to stay down again and I am no longer bound by my sin. I had to knock myself out of my lazy funk to spend time with God. I was really battling a spirit of laziness in my spiritual journey as well as school work… And although I wasn’t quite indulging in worldly ways I realised the peace that I used to harbour when I had been so crazy for Jesus had left me I had constant headaches from thinking about my business, school work… May I just say it’s not easy managing a business while you are a continent away… So a lot of that has been on my shoulder but I was taking up all this & forgetting the Kings of Kings who died to give me rest & all I have to do is worship Him and He can bring a big storm into instant calm.

Sometimes we get carried away by our lives and procrastinate on God. What would happen if God procrastinated me? How would I feel? Well I wouldn’t appreciate it very much. 

During this time I realised I went back to occasional cursing which I didn’t do, I was having unclean thoughts, I was allowing things into my heart that I normally wouldn’t, I wanted to be on the edge… And truly this is not a place I would be if only I had spent time with the Prince of Peace & if only when He told me stop and spend time with me Him I would have done it. 

If you are in this position come back to the spirit of worship. What I did is I got to my knees and I wept and I worshiped and I laid myself down for the Risen King and He took away all my sins and He took away all the heaviness. He even gave me a new perceptive on the things I had been killing myself thinking about. Get back to a heart of worship. There is no better way. I can tell what I want I want to get to a place where people see me and they instead see God that is my goal in life. I believe yours should be the same.. I can tell you something someone said about me ( not to blow my own horn) when they visited the MyCoutureKenya Boutique she said “oh and she really loves God” I can tell you that is by far the best compliment anyone has ever given me. I want to be identified with God. I want to be like Enoch who was said to have walked with God. I want to walk with God too! I want to be like David who was said to be a man after Gods’ own heart. I want to be a lady after Gods own heart. Do you? 

Thank you for reading this blog. It’s not like the others it’s more me.. Sharing my experience as Kingdom Child. Leave a comment on a topic you would like me to discuss on. GB

Wide Legged Pants

Yay! A new style blog! I posted the above photo  on Instagram and you guys liked it! So here are the full deets! 

Where did I get the pieces?

The pants are available at My Couture Kenya. I got the crop top from New Look. Neck Piece from Dorothy Perkins. 

Why do I like it? 

It’s so comfortable and still so chic! My end goal like everyday of my life. Not to mention still trendy. 

Where would I wear it? 

At work… Mind you I am my own boss ( lol sounds like am part of Blaze 😂 ) but hey! Be your own Boss. I can wear it to meet up with friends or go for a picnic. 

Where was I going? 

Was doing a shoot for a blog post. 

I thought you guys would like maybe more of these types of posts! So if you like any of my #OOTD pics let me know and I can give you info on where I was going ; where would I wear them to… Thanks for reading my blog. Check out my others posts 

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Special for you

Being an entrepreneur you tend to look upto people who are ahead of you in so many ways. This applies to many other ways of in life. Most of the time we either idolise or hate on these people… But today the Lord has put a special message in my heart. 

Maybe your out there seeing people starting things and going ahead of you, who are outrunning you and even get to the destination you have been wanting. I want us to look at today’s verse; Mary Magdalene had gone to the tomb after Jesus had died, when she got there she realised it was open so she went to get the disciples. She thought Jesus’ body had been taken away. 

Peter and other disciples came running and Although they all had started running at the same point Peter was out run. Perhaps it’s because He didn’t want to have to meet Jesus if He was still in the tomb; mind you he had denied Him 3 times…most of us have denied Gods involvement in our lives or our various livelihood, we have most probably praised our own efforts not that of God… And dread if we should meet him … We will just be like ” Hey God what hahapened was…. ” just as Peter may have been preparing to say… At best I would have told the rest to go & I can wait for them Incase they find Him… Haha the shame he must have had… But he still run to see if Jesus was there… Perharps your running on toward to see if by chance you have actually been called to this…

Okay so He got outrun, and so the others get there, and all they see are linens… Yes those you started with have most likely made it to where you all envisioned to be… But you see in the Text that although Peter had betrayed Jesus, He had probably lost all chance of being worthy of being with Jesus again… He was the only one who saw the folded napkin that suggested that  Jesus must have taken the time to fold the napkin… Meaning He didn’t quite leave the tomb in a hurry… Notice although the other disciples got there before Peter, He was the only one who saw this sign… God has preserved a new idea for you… Especially for you to see… Even if you have not been faithful to Him; the word of God states that in 2 Timothy 2:13 that “If we are faithless [do not believe and are untrue to Him], He remains true (faithful to His Word and His righteous character), for He cannot deny Himself.” So don’t be discouraged by the fact that they are already ahead of you in their grades, marketing strategy, pay grade…. God has left a special idea in the tomb that He makes a womb that will bear your special purpose. 

All you have to do is don’t stay back, don’t be ashamed to go back to the King, Even if you don’t find His Body, you will find His spirit lingering and and your sign/instruction/breakthrough left for your eyes only, at the perfect timing of the Lord. 


My life is perfect why do I need God? 

I have a had the hardest month of my life this past month, I have been in test season this month… And as we all now it’s not easy… I broke quite a lot during this time… But victory belongs to Him. My faith was tested and I even got to the point when I was thinking although I wasn’t going to go back to the world I still didn’t want understand why I was having such a hard time yet now I am saved… I knew that salvation is a journey but I hadn’t experienced it… I was even asking my self when I wasn’t saved everything was much easier… But actually it wasn’t… It seemed easier, because I choose the Devils way to solve my problems.. The Devils way is always easier, he makes sure you find a wrong to take care of your problem because He knows when you reach a hard point we usually automatically turn to God… And When God turns up, we may not in turn turn back to him. So he wunt take a chance… He blindens you to think your okay without God. 

In today’s Verse we see that the people of  Judah were telling Jeremiah that they were okay when they were praying to the gods and they stopped is when everything went wrong. That’s how I felt during my test season… I used to be okay until I got saved but really that’s not the case, salvation is not a destination it’s a journey where there test along the way and each time you succeed you go to a higher level closer to God. So be happy when your tested because after it you will be closer to Him. 


As you see A few chapters before this… The people were desperate for Gods word even going to the point of saying that they will obey even if they didn’t Agree with it! Haven’t we all been there? Well I have, but when we get comfortable after the word of assuarance from God. Then we get cocky we think we can do without Him and blaming Him for our misfortune yet it is our filthy ways that make Him angry and He seizes to protect us and leaves us to ourselves, left for bad misfortune to toy with us. I for one don’t want to be left by God, I need Him, I can’t be without Him, I do not have the time nor the power to deal with misfortune. 

One lesson I learnt during my test season was that I had to prove what I had been promise God; my heart & soul. I learnt that Just like Jesus I had to suffer for my choice to be with God. But it is a worthy sacrifice just to get to see this God someday. I am still protected and and at the end of the day if I stay faithful He will save me, but I was still in the world the devil would offer me temporary solutions that take me far from Glory… And these solutions always run out on me, but with God the solution is everlasting, it never runs out on me, it’s always sufficient and it’s a true promise. You now have a full picture, you were not okay when you were not saved, you are now okay with Jesus, He takes care of you now, you don’t even have to solve your problems… Just worship Him, He will do the rest for you. GB

Just Leave! 

Many of us struggle to leave our unhappy place because we are more comfortable about where we know than where we don’t know. We don’t want want to take a risk of leaving our friendship groups/ ungodly relationships/Job/school/House that we have been apart of for a long time even though we may not be happy in those places or relationships. Mainly because we worry about what people will say, what if we fail, what if it doesn’t work out? So we decided to stay unhappy at the expence of our Joy. 

Before you consider leaving establish whether God wants you to leave that place or He is using you in that friendship group? Trust me the conviction will be present, just pray about it. 

Today’s verse we see a man who wanted to follow Jesus but wanted first to bury his relative; this in many ways could be first you want to enjoy the night life before you let God in; even when that life is draining you and your unhappy. Or it could be you don’t want to stop having sex with your unsaved boyfriend whom your not quite ready to let go of… Or you know God has called you to pursue your passion but you want to stay in your secure job although your unhappy… Jesus in turn told the man to leave his past because those in his past could work it out without him. I am sure the guy maybe thought Jesus was alittle insensitive as all your friends would think if you stop going out with them… but Jesus knew that. If you have been convicted to do something & your sure God has called to do something or has instructed you to change your ways… Truly there is no easy way to do it… Just leave… Just stop… Just don’t go back… What you are to gain with the support of the most High King is more than what your friend who you know talk behind your back can do for you? It’s not easy that’s why you need Him. Pray to Him for self control to stay away from those people or things… Be intentional about your obedience to His command… Plan how you will stay away from those things… Or if it’s a job and you have Been convicted to leave just leave… Remember God cannot give you further instruction on the next Job or where you will get a better healthy friendly relationships if you don’t leave the ungodly relationship or that Job He didn’t even tell you to apply. 

Remember being unhappy in your current situation doesn’t mean your not supposed to be there or you should quit. It could be God is using you at your work place or in your group of friends ( make sure your influencing them & their not wrongly influencing you), also it could be your in a season of testing. Pray for your answer before you leave… Remember it will not be easy when you leave… Abraham encountered a lot on his way to Canaan and he made foolish mistakes by going off course and going to Egypt instead of being steadfast and believing that God was going to provide during the famine…so stay steadfast, walk by faith and not by sight… He will be walking right with you as you walk away and toward the direction He will be leading you. GB