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Electric Valentines – makeup review

Happy valentines guys! Well, like many today I will not really have the whole ‘ shebang ‘ because the boyfriend is far from me. However I thought I should share with you a look that I would go for if I was to go for possibly a dinner date. I will also review Chelsea Beautique Kenya products. They were kind enough to give me a few things to try out and share with you guys. They were all eye make up products. I used the to create this look. 

1. Here I only had concealor on. 


2. I started with my eyebrows brushing them up. Using they clear Brow Gel and the filled them up with their 

I personally like my eyebrows looking natural. Here is how they looked after. The Gel was alittle dark for me and so I had to rub off some the product. However, after that it looked really natural. 

3. Then I went in with their smokey eye stencil. I honestly don’t know how to create a neat smokey eye free hand. This Definately helps me do it in a few minutes depending on how dark you want it. So you do this by shading the exposed part of your eye lid. 


4. I then go in with their 3D Waterproof mascara. This mascara is by far the best I have ever used. It Definately is not cake-y as most mascaras are. It gave my barely there eyelashes a perfect lift. You can apply more if your going for a dramatic look.

Then I finished off the look with my MacRuby Woo lipstick (the best red lipstick ever). It goes well for any complection. 

I really loved this look. It is definitely different to what I would go for but that’s why there are days like valentines! So we can be beautiful or feel beautiful for ourselves or our loved one. Hope you guys have a lovely Day. Let me know if you would want a similar blog post on another make up brand/product. 

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Chelsea beautique is situated in Garden City Mall, Thika Road, Nairobi. (Also available in the UK).


4 Tips on how to create different lipstick shades!ย 


Hey guys? Hope your week has been great. Mine has not been that good. I have been down on a cold as well other body issues so let’s just say it’s not been the best of weeks. But hey am here anyways ๐Ÿ˜‹

I have got to be honest with you I have been wanting to put a blog but also the weather has been really bad here in Portsmouth so it’s been difficult to get some decent pictures. Hence why I ended up doing a beauty post… ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

Over the months I have grown fond of trying out more lip colour and getting out of my comfort zone. However I have come to the realisation that my collection of lipsticks is getting out of hand so I need to cook up some ways to come up with different shades of lipsticks to avoid buying new ones every time.

Tip No. 1

Get yourself a good number of diverse lip liners.

I used this 4 lip liners  to create today’s shades. 

Tip No. 2 

Mix different lipsticks to get different colours, make up is an art ๐Ÿ˜‹

Tip No. 3 

Use simple technics to turn glossy lipsticks to look matte.

I for one apply lipstick then I use a tissue which I gently press upon my lip the repeat the same process like 3 times to ensure the lipsticks Stays on longer.

Tip No. 4 

Purchase a few expensive lipsticks and get more drug store lipsticks then blend them in using the above to tips to avoid spending a lot on expensive lipsticks or better yet invest in few diverse good ones ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

Details of the looks;


Mystic by Sleek makeup 

Venom 295 lip liner by Sleek makeup

Obsessed lip liner by Rimmel London


No 03 by Rimmel London 

Taupe by Mac

No 72 by New look


No 107 by Rimmel London 

No 024 lip liner by Rimmel London 


No 48 by Rimmel London 

Obsession by Rimmel London 

No 30 by Rimmel London 


 Hope these tips were of help to you.

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Love X Love

Behind the scenes ๐Ÿ˜‚ (I actually look forward to this part of the blog) 



4 lipsticks you should have!


Hey my people! Having a beautiful week so far? Mine has been alittle hectic in Uni. It’s really difficult to keep smiling and positive through out the tough times. 

If you have been checking my Instagram in the past few weeks you will notice I have been rocking new lippies from the last time I did my last post on my favourite lippies here here is an updated post on my now growing lipstic collection.

I have to admit that it’s really hard to find a nice nude lippie for us girls of colour. We come in different shades and therefore I would highly advice to try on any nude lipstick you intend to purchase. I have to admit that I had to purchase 2 nude lipsticks that didn’t end up looking good in! But I am totally in love with this lippie it’s called Taupe Mac. I highly recommend it if it suits your skin tone.


Talk about Edgy! I have been raving about how I have been feeling edgy and rough. I really just want to experience the darker shades and edgy styles. This lipstick is  Smoke purple by Mac Check out how I rocked it in my last post Here .it’s currently my best lippie after the Mac Ruby woo that I had in my last beauty post obviously ๐Ÿ˜„


This next one I have had for more than an year but I often wear it during occasions, mainly because it’s a really bright red almost orange, it’s No. 06 by KIKO make up Milano. This lipstick is the true definition of long lasting make up. It’s stays on for so long, in result it’s hard to take it off. I highly recommend having it just incase you want to break out from the nom Mac lip products.


The last must have lippie is the No. 30 by Rimmel London. This color is divine. It’s more like a red wine purple colour kind of colour. I have been looking for this kind of fusion. It’s a definite perfect colour to upgrade a laid back look.


You can totally rock these on different days to suit different events.
I am looking to grow my collection so please do give me some of your current best lippies ๐Ÿ’‹ and if you don’t have these 4 you should! (Thank me later!)


See you later


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My Mac Collectionย 

Hey guys!! Am back with a new post. This week was a reflective week. I have been thinking of the word ‘purpose’ . I decided will have a word of the week, in which I will be thinking about throughout the week.

This week it was all about purpose! What is my purpose is life? Was the main question. When I started this blog just a few weeks ago, my aim was to have something to do while am on holiday from uni but as I do it more and I grow more in love with it๐Ÿ™ˆ I remember the first time I realised my love for fashion. It was a while back while in high school, I was left at home alone and I went into my mums room and stole her red lipstick ย ( but I returned it) and applied some. I felt new, I suddenly felt different, more beautiful and powerful… Like I could do anything… and obviously I looked older than I normally look๐Ÿ˜Œ Soon when I went to uni I kind of had the chance to explore myself more with clothes and beauty products.

Mac Products have been one of my favourite beauty brands. There products are of very high quality and are used worldwide. This post is mainly about my favourite Mac Lipstick Collection. I choose my daily lipstick according to my mood or outfit or the occasion.

My first fave is the Heroine Mac Lipstick.ย I apply it mostly when I have word very casually but I still want to look like I have put some effort to my outfit. On other occasions I apply it when I feel dark and I just want to pop out!

My next fave is the yum yum candy lipstick. This is my definite girly day go-to lipstick. I mean pink is the ultimate girly colour I think. It makes me feel extra Preety… I mean who doesn’t like to be extra Preety… I know I do ๐Ÿ’

Hot pink!!!! This is my latest Mac lipstick purchase. It’s the All Fired Up lipstick. It’s just a pop colour made for the queens! I apply it on my feel good days, to add an extra Pop to the look! I highly recommend๐Ÿ˜†

What is a lipstick Collection without some red lipstick. This is the Mac Red lipstick it’s a very chic red. I apply it when I want to look sexy and noticeable, I recommend this one when going for a date. It’s just perfect! ๐Ÿ’‹

Last but not least my all time fave and yet another red lipstick ๐Ÿ˜ The Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick. This lipstick is by far the best lipstick I have ever come across! It gives me such an elegant bold look. This a definite must have for any lady out there!

If you would like any of these lipstick the Mac store is in Village Market Nairob in Kenya. However I know Mac have an online store! Check it out!
Hope you loved this blog! Let me know which are your fave, which ones you have and would recommend for me in the comment box! Remember to follow me on my social media!

Bye xx