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Living & Loving Pastels

 Hey ladies hope you have been having a great week! I have. I honestly have been having a feeling of New Me coming in. Just finding out who God says I am and what His purpose is in my life. Reason why I have wanted to go on this journey is because I have been battling persistent spirit of laziness & procrastination for a couple of weeks both in this blog and school work. I have had no will to pursue anything even dressing up hence this look. 

So as a result knit wear has been my go to. Paired with a pair of jeans and converse but I choose these coral sandal heels for the purpose of this post… haha. It’s been so chilly and I have accumulated a number of knit tops.. but this right here is my current fave. Pastel pink is the 2016 Pantone colour of the year not to mention I am totally obsessed with it. It also suits my complexion hah! This sweater also has a little bit of character with a cut out on the back… you can never go wrong with that! This look is so simple and effortless you should try it yourself like I said you can never go wrong.

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How to slay simple!

Hey girls I know it’s been a minute but your girl is back! I have had many of you ask me a couple of questions on how stay slaying even during this cold rainy season/ fall-winter well I have a look book coming soon! I have also had questions on how to start blogging and how to set up a blog and I will have a post on that too… please feel free to ask any other question on the comment box below or on my social media platform! 

Okay let’s get to it. So how do I stay slaying? Well of course I have my sloppy days but most times I like to dress up just because it makes me feel good and actually do something with my life that day. You can never let a good outfit go to waste. 

1. I wear what works for my body: notice I didn’t say body type because I genuinely believe everyone’s body is not quite the same; what works on my friend doesn’t necessarily work for me!

2. I Work with my best parts! I like my legs so I always make sure my bottom half is slayed then I put on a basic like this sweater and layer it up with a cool piece like this biker jacket. 

3. I love me some basics obviously because they are cheaper then get some investment pieces to make the whole look. In this case that’s the leather jackets it puts the whole look together. 

4. Understand which trends are on see whether they fit your style if not then let it go. Stick with what works for you and your style but hey take a risk ones in a while but of course don’t forget to stay classy! 

5. A pair of cute sandal heels or simple court shoes always make an outfit put together! Get you some! Especially in Neutral colours so they go with everything. Like these faux suede Brown court shoes I have! They are so cute but fierce at the same time. 

6.  Accessories!!! It gives your outfit a personal touch. My outfit looks simple till you notice my beautiful statement earrings that tells you I am definitely going somewhere important! 

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Wide Legged Pants

Yay! A new style blog! I posted the above photo  on Instagram and you guys liked it! So here are the full deets! 

Where did I get the pieces?

The pants are available at My Couture Kenya. I got the crop top from New Look. Neck Piece from Dorothy Perkins. 

Why do I like it? 

It’s so comfortable and still so chic! My end goal like everyday of my life. Not to mention still trendy. 

Where would I wear it? 

At work… Mind you I am my own boss ( lol sounds like am part of Blaze 😂 ) but hey! Be your own Boss. I can wear it to meet up with friends or go for a picnic. 

Where was I going? 

Was doing a shoot for a blog post. 

I thought you guys would like maybe more of these types of posts! So if you like any of my #OOTD pics let me know and I can give you info on where I was going ; where would I wear them to… Thanks for reading my blog. Check out my others posts 

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How To Style: Self-Employed Office Wear

I will not lie… I had lost interest in style blogging for a while… Then I got busy… Then I started making excuses! Haha! I really now feel I have to get back to it! So let’s dive in!

I really enjoy style blogging. As a creative; it serves as an outlet for me to share tips on how girls my age can stay stylish without falling to the Noms of the more the skin- show the better. For me sophistication is key. How you dress tells a lot about you. About your thoughts & what you are like as a person, The people your looking to attract. I can’t stress it enough. My style has obviously evolved and sometimes I tend to think I dress to sophisticated for my age but hey… I guess I like it. 

This particular look I loved putting together. As a business owner; I tend to find myself in more formal yet informal meetings with different people I work with; thus I try to balance out my looks to look official but with a twist of casual wear-looking, but still chic & respectable. A pop of colour piece such as this blazer creates a fun feeling as well a nice pair of chic cullotes that are so trendy. The stripes on the Cullote also gives the outfit more fun but official look. Don’t forget to add a comfortable pair of heels. I am always moving from place to place so comfortable is key! 

 Many self employed people get relaxed in their outfits because you don’t have anyone to dress up or if you work from home you don’t have to really dress up. But I have realised that it’s upto me to put effort in my daily looks just to give a sense of confidence when meeting other professionals. Also keeps feeling good about myself…

 Hope this blog gave my self-employed peeps some tips on how to slay be official and casual at the same time but still comfortable! Please share some of your tips down in the comment box! 

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Cullote / Polo Crop top / Similar Longline Blazer from My Couture Kenya ( Buy My Look Here )

Shoes – Primark 

Neckpiece- Topshop 

Lady Boss Chronicles

Appearance matters a lot! Well I had heard that statement before, however I never really related much to it. Recently following the launch of MyCoutureKenya ; my online shop, I have had to engage with different people as a business woman and well it has been a learning curve. I usually am well dressed…I like to think… however that’s not always enough. Sometime we have to dress the part!

A good example was when I casually dressed for business meeting with an owner of a brand we will be partnering with for vintage clothing… To all my vintage lovers heyyyy 🙌🏾… And the person almost didn’t recognise me. That is when I thought wow ok I need to start dressing the part.

 What do I mean? Well put some extra effort to dress the part… For example if you are going for a job interview or a business meeting…. Always always make sure you dress accordingly… I know my sunglasses are over the top in this case but hey dont you just feel the boss look from the good cat eyes 🙂 … I think every lady should have a lady boss midi bodycon dress (not too tight) also a good lady boss comfortable heels! Remember very minimal accessories would do. These are definite wardrobe essential for any woman not only in the corporate sphere but also in any other occupational fields. 

This outfit is a good example of a lady boss outfit; simple, classic but still boss ;). I thought I should start this series so I can share my new experiences a business woman especially in the fashion business and share with you guys and hopefully give you a few pointers here and there. The series will be weekly so keep your eyes peeled for them; leave any questions you would like to know on a lady boss outfit you have in your wardrobe below and I hook you up! 

Here is a link to my online shop: MyCoutureKenyaOnline

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Craving the sun 

Hey guys? Hope you have all been okay? well I have been a busy bee … May has been an exam infested month, but hey hello summer… Although the rain has been uncontrollable in Nairobi. This look was inspired by my current obsession for the fake sun in England haha I call it fake because once you walk out and it’s actually chilly.

 So I paired my little sunflower yellow cami dress with a long line rust red blazer that gives the look a chic feel as sell as an elegant colour blocking fusion, between the sunflower yellow Cami dress am wearing and the layered blazer and a beautiful touch of trendy lace up heels. Definately a girls lunch date look! 

Oh and am loving my little braids bob that I made up from the trendy Bob Braids everyone has been rocking. Definitely looking to re do this look again! Ok so it’s official am back to blogging. 

Yellow cami dress will soon be available to purchase from Here 

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Style growth


Hey guys hope you have all been good? Well I have in the past few days been thinking about how my personal style has evolved over the years. Frankly speaking about two years ago, I cared very little about my style, however I admired others whose style I thought at the time was really good. At the time I was going through a lot of life lessons, like how to be myself and stop trying to be someone else, appreciating myself more… Other lessons included who were my real friends? … Such things at the time had made my self esteem go at an all time low. Let’s say fashion saved me… 

I felt it was time to focus on my own self growth and stop forcing relationships with people who didn’t care for me as much as I did. So I decided to restart my wardrobe and started trying more in terms of my daily outfits to uni. This gave me something to focus on other than friends and other issues. Looking back now I feel that my style has grown at an almost similar extent as my self … Mentally… Sometimes something small as your passion (mine been fashion ) can keep you away from a lot of trouble or unnecessary drama. 

This particular outfit is another mile stone… I never used to wear such bodycon dresses because I was conscious of my body particularly my tummy… But now am more comfortable in my skin. As usual you know I always like to layer my outfits with a pop of colour hence the rust red longline duster coat. It’s give the look a more sophisticated feel.

Hope you loved this reflective blog. My outfit is from My Couture Kenya Here or call/whatsapp to order on 0711243087. 

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