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Living & Loving Pastels

 Hey ladies hope you have been having a great week! I have. I honestly have been having a feeling of New Me coming in. Just finding out who God says I am and what His purpose is in my life. Reason why I have wanted to go on this journey is because I have been battling persistent spirit of laziness & procrastination for a couple of weeks both in this blog and school work. I have had no will to pursue anything even dressing up hence this look. 

So as a result knit wear has been my go to. Paired with a pair of jeans and converse but I choose these coral sandal heels for the purpose of this post… haha. It’s been so chilly and I have accumulated a number of knit tops.. but this right here is my current fave. Pastel pink is the 2016 Pantone colour of the year not to mention I am totally obsessed with it. It also suits my complexion hah! This sweater also has a little bit of character with a cut out on the back… you can never go wrong with that! This look is so simple and effortless you should try it yourself like I said you can never go wrong.

Thank for reading xx

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Hey guys? It’s been a minute innit? Well I am not too sure why I have not been blogging as much as I used to. I have been trying to figure out why I simply don’t do it. I came up with a few reasons; I think I got bloggers block… Hhahahha just stole that from ‘writers block’.. I haven’t been feeling very creative of late. Also I have been quite occupied preparing for the launch of something that I will share with you all very soon. This project has really taken over my life and subsequently my thoughts so I haven’t been really focusing on blogging as much.

However I thought I should share this outfit, that I basically recreate every day of my uni life. I am totally obsessed with everything denim. Although it’s now Spring, it’s still relatively cold and my vintage denim jacket has pretty much been my go to layering garment. Ok can we take a moment to appreciate the boots I have on. I am totally into this boots trend going round. It definitely gives me some extra height that I so desperately need. It makes me feel alittle bit grown for like a few hours of my day 😩 I think I might starting stocking up on boots now. It’s a thing 😅 

I hope you guys liked this post. I just wanted to kind of let you guys know where I have been and more so why I haven’t been active on the blog. Thank you so much for all the messages asking where I have been. Lots of love.

See you soon… I hope 

Jeans – Topshop

Denim Jacket- Vintage

Boots- Boohoo 

Shirt- TopShop 

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Total Nom

Do you have that one outfit that you do every other day? And no, I don’t mean repeating the same clothes everyday, I just happen to find myself recreating the same look over and over, maybe because it’s just easy and comfortable. 

My ultimate style nom, is basically putting on a denim jacket or leather at times, pairing it with a knit top and skinny jeans and my Chelsea boots. I think it has a lot to do with the cold weather, that makes me go for generally warm tops however I also love been comfortable because I have to walk up and down campus throughout my day, or the fact that half the time I am usually late and I just grab what I see and I end up recreating this look.

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Look Back 

Decided to share my outfit of the day today. I only had two lectures today so I decided to go all casual today with a pair of simple girlfriend jeans and yes like usual I will tell you…you need this in your life… There are super comfortable. I paired it with a not so simple high low cut out black  T – Shirt… And yes you need one of these haha! Ok thanks for passing by.

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Happy feet 

Hey guys I know my Monday post is alittle late, but am here now!!

I recently made a discovery that has completely changed my life! So last week was Black Friday!!! If you don’t know what that is, its basically a day shops just gave ridiculous sales and honestly to me that’s like Christmas… As a shopaholic that is…

To be honest, I didn’t get so many things. I got this grey sweater dress that am absolutely obsessed with!! From Miss Selfridges and I also got these Pink Adidas shoes that I have been dying to have. It’s very obvious I am now a girly girl who loves pink.

I hadn’t plan to get these shoes to be honest but when I saw them I knew I had to get them. I picked them up on Juniors section, and to my surprise it fit!!! And I know your wondering why am over joyed about my feet been those of a child… Well for the simple reason that They are Half Price compared to those of adult size. Being a shoe addict, this is a life changing moment! 😩

Also I apologise for the photos being out of focus, that’s because I shot them myself, mostly I take my own photos but I forgot to change my lense to one that focuses automatically.

Also I just did this makeup look on my snapchat so go ahead and add me @irunguleah and yes I will add you back. Am really enjoying speaking to you guys.

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Lots of love 😘 


Playful blues


Hello my loves? Oh yes it feels good to be 20 damn!! So am starting my new year with this banging look! How chic is this?? Ok I know it’s  a little over the top but hey who said over the top is bad.  Talk about some real Monday blues!!

I paired my white shirt also seen Here with a royal blue skater dress I got from Topshop a while back. Seen that the dress was quite short and very summery looking, I paired it with a pair of black tights and some super chic black sued thigh high boots I got from Public Desire they have quite affordable trendy heels and flats for at affordable prices (this is not sponsored) You guys should check them out!


I finished off the look with my oversized denim to give the look a vintage feel then added a mini bag from Ted Baker just to colour block with the dress. This look is super chic! Ooh! What about the sunnies from Timberland just awesome.

Let me know you guys think in the comment box! Let me know how you would have dressed this dress😋
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Lots of love Xx


The Denim and Leather Situation



Hey guys? So I finally got down to do my blog! I am happy to finally do this and share my love for life and fashion with all of you. So am sure y’all are thinking, why denim and leather for my first post? Well, honestly denim on denim has to be one of those chic simple look that can work with any type of day to night event. However, I decided to add the khaki biker jacket, to add some personality to the simple outfit. I went for a rugged look with the distressed top and jeans because, I am totally in love with distressed denim!! The simplicity of the outfit was begging for some extra personality to give it a chic look. added a pastel blue bag to maintain the blue color pallet for the outfit. Ok! lets talk plimsolls! You need a pair! Plimsolls are a wardrobe staple . They are so easy, very comfortable and very convenient especially for a day like I had  walking up and down at The Blue Post Hotel.


Oh My God!! I had the most beautiful day at this hotel. Its actually built right next to the the Chania river in Thika. This place is literally the perfect mini weekend get away. The air is so moist and fresh. The most breath taking part of it all is the waterfall facing the hotel and you get watch it from the beautiful African themed restaurant.

DSC00281 (1)

I also had a chance to go into the little huts made into curio shops selling Kenyan cultural jewelry, ornaments and home decor pieces just breath taking beautiful. I also ended up getting a nice Masai inspired earrings that you may see me wear in my next post that i will post very soon 😉


DSC00344 (1)

DSC00375 (1)

Location: Blue Post Hotel, Thika, Kenya.

Denim Top: TopShop

Denim Pants: HnM

Pastel Blue: Dorothy Perkins

Plimsolls: TopShop

Lipstick: Ruby Woo- Mac

If your interested on getting the Demin am wearing check out Levi’s in Junction Mall. They have awesome stuff