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Special for you

Being an entrepreneur you tend to look upto people who are ahead of you in so many ways. This applies to many other ways of in life. Most of the time we either idolise or hate on these people… But today the Lord has put a special message in my heart. 

Maybe your out there seeing people starting things and going ahead of you, who are outrunning you and even get to the destination you have been wanting. I want us to look at today’s verse; Mary Magdalene had gone to the tomb after Jesus had died, when she got there she realised it was open so she went to get the disciples. She thought Jesus’ body had been taken away. 

Peter and other disciples came running and Although they all had started running at the same point Peter was out run. Perhaps it’s because He didn’t want to have to meet Jesus if He was still in the tomb; mind you he had denied Him 3 times…most of us have denied Gods involvement in our lives or our various livelihood, we have most probably praised our own efforts not that of God… And dread if we should meet him … We will just be like ” Hey God what hahapened was…. ” just as Peter may have been preparing to say… At best I would have told the rest to go & I can wait for them Incase they find Him… Haha the shame he must have had… But he still run to see if Jesus was there… Perharps your running on toward to see if by chance you have actually been called to this…

Okay so He got outrun, and so the others get there, and all they see are linens… Yes those you started with have most likely made it to where you all envisioned to be… But you see in the Text that although Peter had betrayed Jesus, He had probably lost all chance of being worthy of being with Jesus again… He was the only one who saw the folded napkin that suggested that  Jesus must have taken the time to fold the napkin… Meaning He didn’t quite leave the tomb in a hurry… Notice although the other disciples got there before Peter, He was the only one who saw this sign… God has preserved a new idea for you… Especially for you to see… Even if you have not been faithful to Him; the word of God states that in 2 Timothy 2:13 that “If we are faithless [do not believe and are untrue to Him], He remains true (faithful to His Word and His righteous character), for He cannot deny Himself.” So don’t be discouraged by the fact that they are already ahead of you in their grades, marketing strategy, pay grade…. God has left a special idea in the tomb that He makes a womb that will bear your special purpose. 

All you have to do is don’t stay back, don’t be ashamed to go back to the King, Even if you don’t find His Body, you will find His spirit lingering and and your sign/instruction/breakthrough left for your eyes only, at the perfect timing of the Lord.