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How to slay simple!

Hey girls I know it’s been a minute but your girl is back! I have had many of you ask me a couple of questions on how stay slaying even during this cold rainy season/ fall-winter well I have a look book coming soon! I have also had questions on how to start blogging and how to set up a blog and I will have a post on that too… please feel free to ask any other question on the comment box below or on my social media platform! 

Okay let’s get to it. So how do I stay slaying? Well of course I have my sloppy days but most times I like to dress up just because it makes me feel good and actually do something with my life that day. You can never let a good outfit go to waste. 

1. I wear what works for my body: notice I didn’t say body type because I genuinely believe everyone’s body is not quite the same; what works on my friend doesn’t necessarily work for me!

2. I Work with my best parts! I like my legs so I always make sure my bottom half is slayed then I put on a basic like this sweater and layer it up with a cool piece like this biker jacket. 

3. I love me some basics obviously because they are cheaper then get some investment pieces to make the whole look. In this case that’s the leather jackets it puts the whole look together. 

4. Understand which trends are on see whether they fit your style if not then let it go. Stick with what works for you and your style but hey take a risk ones in a while but of course don’t forget to stay classy! 

5. A pair of cute sandal heels or simple court shoes always make an outfit put together! Get you some! Especially in Neutral colours so they go with everything. Like these faux suede Brown court shoes I have! They are so cute but fierce at the same time. 

6.  Accessories!!! It gives your outfit a personal touch. My outfit looks simple till you notice my beautiful statement earrings that tells you I am definitely going somewhere important! 

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Winter/cold weather essentials


Hello guys!! Yes winter is officially here… Hence why I have not posted a mid week post this week. The weather has just proven to be difficult to do any shoots… But hey here is how you look cute even with this weather conditions are just acting up!

I know it’s so hard to come up with looks that are chic, stylish and are still cosy in this time of the year. Well I put together a couple of looks using a couple of pieces that I think are my winter wardrobe staple/essentials.

1. A minimal hat


I know your all thinking it’s not black/white/grey which are the colours considered to be minimal colours. This hat is more of a burgundy colour that just a give the rest of my greyscale outfit more fun.

2. Knit scarf.

A good cosy scalf is always a good accessory to pair with your day to day outfits.Mostly because they serve their purpose of keeping you warm and also gives your look a chic effect.  


3. Knit sweater.

Seriously I have been living and loving this sweater. I got it as a birthday present from one of my best friends. It’s absolutely gorgeous definitely my go to when the weather is not so harsh but more of chilly type of weather. I always pair it with a scalf obviously because it doesn’t keep my chest covered and warm.


4.  Ankle/ thigh high Boots


I am actually in love with these boots. For me the best boots for winter are ones that are comfortable… That’s it! Get some, seriously they come in handy when it’s raining. Thigh boots are currently very trendy:)

5.  Knit Turtleneck


Yes this is totally a winter essential. It’s cosy, it’s cute and very chic. Always something nice to have especially when you want to look dress up and you can’t be bothered to put up a whole outfit together.

6. Knit sweaters




This is a must have am not even jocking it comes in handy like everyday of my life. Check my Instagram ( Press here ) I am literally living in these. They are super cosy and stylish when paired with some cool boyfriend jeans like I did here and my cool Oxfords that I am absolutely obsessed with!


scalf from hnm  press here to purchase

Hat from hnm press her to purchase

Knit turtle neck from forever 21 press here to purchase

ankle boots from zara press here to purchase

thigh high boots from public desirepress here to purchase

cardigan from zara press here to purchase

if you wish to purchase these items and have them delivered to kenya check out Uk dukas facebook page

Ok guys I guess those are my winter essentials. Hope you all get all these pieces they seriously come in handy and you can always get different colours and shades of all these pieces and make your look your own… I mean that’s what style is about!

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Hey guys? 😋 it’s been long since I blogged 😔 ( 🎶 about a week ago 🎶 )  I missed you all 😊

Okay well am here now!! Hope you guys have been having a great week? Mine has been adventures I travelled a lot. Anyways too much or little about my week. Let’s talk fashion! 💃💃

I recently got some new girlfriend distressed jeans🙆😍  from HnM. I have been wanting a pair of these for a bit. They are so comfortable yet so effortlessly chic which I paired with my new chunky heel-heels that I got from Primark! When I bought the heels I knew I had to pair them with these particular jeans! Cool huh?

I also wore a simple strapless top I got from Primark and threw on white blazer from Boohoo. I completely loved this look!  I really was going for a simple look but stylish. Definitely appropriate for an evening out with a couple of friends, my kind of evening👌

Below is a picture of the view we had at the Sankara hotel Nairobi. 

Hope you guys like the post!! Let me know other outfits that would fit an evening out. (Comment on the comment box below😋)

Bye xoxo!

Maxi Out

Hey guys? Am back 😀 Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend. I have been great. I am growing more and more in love with blogging and everything that has to do with it all! Hope you guys have been loving my posts! If you do please like or comment to let me know.

Ok guys lets talk maxis!! I am so in love with maxis right now! The cold and rain seems to have gone away so I am taking full advantage of the sun to put together some of my summer outfits 🙂 The Maxi dress is a definite summer essential❤️

The lovely thing about a maxi dress is that it works well for any body shape and you can easily accessories it depending on the print of design of the dress. Mine has alittle bit of vintage prints and beautiful colour fusion that actually drew me to look for a natural back drop for this shoot, hence the many plants behind me 💁

My only issue with maxis before was that I couldn’t find a maxi perfect for my height. I am about 5 foot 1 🙈 It was very hard to find a maxi that was not too flowy ( not sure that’s a word lol). Anyways this particular one was just perfect, it only goes upto my ankle.

For my head piece I wore a very light peach colour  head band to add some personality and summer feel to the outfit. I also think it’s summer cute and complements my now curly hair 👌

Outfit details:

Dress – Dorothy Perkins 

Sunglasses- River Island

Sandals- Primark

Head Band- Primark 

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