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How to slay simple!

Hey girls I know it’s been a minute but your girl is back! I have had many of you ask me a couple of questions on how stay slaying even during this cold rainy season/ fall-winter well I have a look book coming soon! I have also had questions on how to start blogging and how to set up a blog and I will have a post on that too… please feel free to ask any other question on the comment box below or on my social media platform! 

Okay let’s get to it. So how do I stay slaying? Well of course I have my sloppy days but most times I like to dress up just because it makes me feel good and actually do something with my life that day. You can never let a good outfit go to waste. 

1. I wear what works for my body: notice I didn’t say body type because I genuinely believe everyone’s body is not quite the same; what works on my friend doesn’t necessarily work for me!

2. I Work with my best parts! I like my legs so I always make sure my bottom half is slayed then I put on a basic like this sweater and layer it up with a cool piece like this biker jacket. 

3. I love me some basics obviously because they are cheaper then get some investment pieces to make the whole look. In this case that’s the leather jackets it puts the whole look together. 

4. Understand which trends are on see whether they fit your style if not then let it go. Stick with what works for you and your style but hey take a risk ones in a while but of course don’t forget to stay classy! 

5. A pair of cute sandal heels or simple court shoes always make an outfit put together! Get you some! Especially in Neutral colours so they go with everything. Like these faux suede Brown court shoes I have! They are so cute but fierce at the same time. 

6.  Accessories!!! It gives your outfit a personal touch. My outfit looks simple till you notice my beautiful statement earrings that tells you I am definitely going somewhere important! 

I hope these tips helped you out! Don’t forget to share to a friend that needs these tips! Also like & subscribe to my blog xx

Craving the sun 

Hey guys? Hope you have all been okay? well I have been a busy bee … May has been an exam infested month, but hey hello summer… Although the rain has been uncontrollable in Nairobi. This look was inspired by my current obsession for the fake sun in England haha I call it fake because once you walk out and it’s actually chilly.

 So I paired my little sunflower yellow cami dress with a long line rust red blazer that gives the look a chic feel as sell as an elegant colour blocking fusion, between the sunflower yellow Cami dress am wearing and the layered blazer and a beautiful touch of trendy lace up heels. Definately a girls lunch date look! 

Oh and am loving my little braids bob that I made up from the trendy Bob Braids everyone has been rocking. Definitely looking to re do this look again! Ok so it’s official am back to blogging. 

Yellow cami dress will soon be available to purchase from Here 

Thanks for passing by 😊 

How to style: a basic white tee 4 different ways🎀

Isn’t it just amazing when you can style one piece of clothing different ways… Or better yet for different occasions? For me this is definitely something I consider when buying a piece; whether I have something that I can put it together with or even would it be a piece that I can use to create different looks. If you don’t, then know that this  definitely helps to save a few coins here and there as well as help you from buying pieces that you wouldn’t end up wearing… Thank me later. 😋

Ok let’s jump right into this 😆

1. Lunch with the girls 


In this look i pieced the white tee with a stylish blazer with some leather details, paired with white jeggings and then I added an aqua green envelope clutch and pink heels to add A Bit of colour and personality to the look. If you have been reading my blog for sometime now you realise I speak so much about personalising your look… It’s really important to add alittle of your personal touch just to make it your own!

Blazer – River Island

Top- Top Shop

Jeggings/ heels/ clutch – Dorothy Perkins
2. That Errand girl.

This look is all about comfort. It’s very important to me when I know that I will do a lot of walking to be comfortable otherwise you would not get to do all that you intend. So this look I went for my Nike sport shoes for that comfort and added the bomper jacket to give the look a more chilled effect but still stylish.

Bomper – HnM

shoes – Sports Direct
3. Date night.

Guys can I just say how obsessed I am over this A line buttoned down denim skirt 😍… The A line skirt is currently a trend right now hence it would be a good piece to have in your wardrobe right now, if your into trends. Anyways about this look… It’s a definite not too sexy yet not too cute perfect for a date, simple but just right 👌

Leather Jacket – select

heels- Primark

neck piece/ skirt- Dorothy perkins
4. Cold lecture days.

This look is basically a basic go to for those of us who are in school, either in college or Uni. It’s a comfy look, basic but still stylish.

grey jumper- Primark

Tights- River Island

scalf – dorothy perkins

Ok guys those are my 4 looks.  I felt it’s better to group them according to event or my basic days. Hope this was helpful. If you like this type of blogs do give this blog a thumbs up and please leave a comment on which other blogs you would like to see 😋
Lots of love



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Basic street

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 I can’t begin to explain how much I love old rugged doors. It’s a weird thing I know, but do you guys have one of those type of things that you just weirdly like🙈 For example my boyfriend has a thing for the Moon? Speaking of  the moon, did you guys catch the blood moon? I didn’t. Haha, If you didn’t and your into stuff like that, catch a short video of it on the National Geographic Instagram account. It’s beautiful 👌 (thank me later)

Any who guys… I have been feeling rough and edgy for some reason. I have been loving leather and denim so much. I guess it’s because in the UK it’s been getting alittle chilly now and then, we are now in the Autumn season. I know for most people, they prefer summer to all the other seasons, however I instead like Autumn.

This is mainly because the weather is mild; alittle warm and alittle chilly, this allows me to give my looks more character. I love layering my looks, I feel that layering give the look a more personal feel.

I am currently in love with leather jackets, oversized denim jackets, knit wear pieces etc 😍

Today’s look I paired my basic white Tee and knee distressed pair of  black Joni jeans both from Topshop with this cool biker jacket from New look. Perfectly layered basic street chic look to fit a not so busy day.

I have been looking for a biker leather jacket for months! I finally found this and I couldn’t wait to fix up a look with it!!! So expect to see it very regularly on the blog. I always say a black leather jacket is a definite wardrobe staple😍

Have you guys noticed how much I have been loving my Vans? Haha I have practically been living in these 🙈

Oh and I also wanted to start including places where you guys can get similar  pieces I wear in my blog posts in Kenya, mainly because I get so many messages from you guys requesting to find out where you can get similar stuff like this back home. I will definitely do that because I love you guys 😍 Also I would ask you guys to bear with me as I am not in Kenya at the moment hence its A bit hard for me to know specifically where you can the exact piece I may be wearing. Please comment on the box below if you know where you we can get similar piece in Kenya😋😋 if your interested in any of the pieces you might want to keep an eye on the comments for that reason.

Ok for a start, I think Woolworths or Mr Price would have a similar leather jacket. However I have to air out my concern on the quality of their leather products, I don’t really like them as much so I would highly advise you to thrift a good one. 👅 the basic top should definitely be in Woolworths as well as the rugged black pants! However I trust you can find a good pair of distressed jeans in a thrift shop 💁 it’s definitely cheaper than these stores! 😃

I just want to let you guys know I appreciate all the feed back you guys give, it helps me grow and helps me connect with you guys😋😋 Thanks 😘😘

Apologies for the length of this blog🙈🙈

Haha hope to catch you soon!

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Hey guys? I know it’s only been a few days since I posted but I guess I couldn’t wait till the weekend to blog 😌 hope you have been well. Happy end End month btw… Hope your all smiling to the bank 😉 ok let’s dive into this blog 🏊

I have been feeling the boyish look. Sometimes I feel girly sometimes I dont💁 It’s always chic, really you can never go wrong. However sometimes I look around and see some over-done boyish look. I think I like it simple.

For me I went for an oversized jumper that I stole from my boyfriends closet. It’s so cool! It’s so street-cool, I just love it!   I paired it with some black tights to give a monochromatic finish to the look. I also added my beloved Jordans that added some colour and more boyish personality to the look!

Outfit Details:

Oversized sweater- Primark 

Black tights- River Island

Jordans- JD