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Living & Loving Pastels

 Hey ladies hope you have been having a great week! I have. I honestly have been having a feeling of New Me coming in. Just finding out who God says I am and what His purpose is in my life. Reason why I have wanted to go on this journey is because I have been battling persistent spirit of laziness & procrastination for a couple of weeks both in this blog and school work. I have had no will to pursue anything even dressing up hence this look. 

So as a result knit wear has been my go to. Paired with a pair of jeans and converse but I choose these coral sandal heels for the purpose of this post… haha. It’s been so chilly and I have accumulated a number of knit tops.. but this right here is my current fave. Pastel pink is the 2016 Pantone colour of the year not to mention I am totally obsessed with it. It also suits my complexion hah! This sweater also has a little bit of character with a cut out on the back… you can never go wrong with that! This look is so simple and effortless you should try it yourself like I said you can never go wrong.

Thank for reading xx

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My life is perfect why do I need God? 

I have a had the hardest month of my life this past month, I have been in test season this month… And as we all now it’s not easy… I broke quite a lot during this time… But victory belongs to Him. My faith was tested and I even got to the point when I was thinking although I wasn’t going to go back to the world I still didn’t want understand why I was having such a hard time yet now I am saved… I knew that salvation is a journey but I hadn’t experienced it… I was even asking my self when I wasn’t saved everything was much easier… But actually it wasn’t… It seemed easier, because I choose the Devils way to solve my problems.. The Devils way is always easier, he makes sure you find a wrong to take care of your problem because He knows when you reach a hard point we usually automatically turn to God… And When God turns up, we may not in turn turn back to him. So he wunt take a chance… He blindens you to think your okay without God. 

In today’s Verse we see that the people of  Judah were telling Jeremiah that they were okay when they were praying to the gods and they stopped is when everything went wrong. That’s how I felt during my test season… I used to be okay until I got saved but really that’s not the case, salvation is not a destination it’s a journey where there test along the way and each time you succeed you go to a higher level closer to God. So be happy when your tested because after it you will be closer to Him. 


As you see A few chapters before this… The people were desperate for Gods word even going to the point of saying that they will obey even if they didn’t Agree with it! Haven’t we all been there? Well I have, but when we get comfortable after the word of assuarance from God. Then we get cocky we think we can do without Him and blaming Him for our misfortune yet it is our filthy ways that make Him angry and He seizes to protect us and leaves us to ourselves, left for bad misfortune to toy with us. I for one don’t want to be left by God, I need Him, I can’t be without Him, I do not have the time nor the power to deal with misfortune. 

One lesson I learnt during my test season was that I had to prove what I had been promise God; my heart & soul. I learnt that Just like Jesus I had to suffer for my choice to be with God. But it is a worthy sacrifice just to get to see this God someday. I am still protected and and at the end of the day if I stay faithful He will save me, but I was still in the world the devil would offer me temporary solutions that take me far from Glory… And these solutions always run out on me, but with God the solution is everlasting, it never runs out on me, it’s always sufficient and it’s a true promise. You now have a full picture, you were not okay when you were not saved, you are now okay with Jesus, He takes care of you now, you don’t even have to solve your problems… Just worship Him, He will do the rest for you. GB

Just Leave! 

Many of us struggle to leave our unhappy place because we are more comfortable about where we know than where we don’t know. We don’t want want to take a risk of leaving our friendship groups/ ungodly relationships/Job/school/House that we have been apart of for a long time even though we may not be happy in those places or relationships. Mainly because we worry about what people will say, what if we fail, what if it doesn’t work out? So we decided to stay unhappy at the expence of our Joy. 

Before you consider leaving establish whether God wants you to leave that place or He is using you in that friendship group? Trust me the conviction will be present, just pray about it. 

Today’s verse we see a man who wanted to follow Jesus but wanted first to bury his relative; this in many ways could be first you want to enjoy the night life before you let God in; even when that life is draining you and your unhappy. Or it could be you don’t want to stop having sex with your unsaved boyfriend whom your not quite ready to let go of… Or you know God has called you to pursue your passion but you want to stay in your secure job although your unhappy… Jesus in turn told the man to leave his past because those in his past could work it out without him. I am sure the guy maybe thought Jesus was alittle insensitive as all your friends would think if you stop going out with them… but Jesus knew that. If you have been convicted to do something & your sure God has called to do something or has instructed you to change your ways… Truly there is no easy way to do it… Just leave… Just stop… Just don’t go back… What you are to gain with the support of the most High King is more than what your friend who you know talk behind your back can do for you? It’s not easy that’s why you need Him. Pray to Him for self control to stay away from those people or things… Be intentional about your obedience to His command… Plan how you will stay away from those things… Or if it’s a job and you have Been convicted to leave just leave… Remember God cannot give you further instruction on the next Job or where you will get a better healthy friendly relationships if you don’t leave the ungodly relationship or that Job He didn’t even tell you to apply. 

Remember being unhappy in your current situation doesn’t mean your not supposed to be there or you should quit. It could be God is using you at your work place or in your group of friends ( make sure your influencing them & their not wrongly influencing you), also it could be your in a season of testing. Pray for your answer before you leave… Remember it will not be easy when you leave… Abraham encountered a lot on his way to Canaan and he made foolish mistakes by going off course and going to Egypt instead of being steadfast and believing that God was going to provide during the famine…so stay steadfast, walk by faith and not by sight… He will be walking right with you as you walk away and toward the direction He will be leading you. GB

How To Style: Self-Employed Office Wear

I will not lie… I had lost interest in style blogging for a while… Then I got busy… Then I started making excuses! Haha! I really now feel I have to get back to it! So let’s dive in!

I really enjoy style blogging. As a creative; it serves as an outlet for me to share tips on how girls my age can stay stylish without falling to the Noms of the more the skin- show the better. For me sophistication is key. How you dress tells a lot about you. About your thoughts & what you are like as a person, The people your looking to attract. I can’t stress it enough. My style has obviously evolved and sometimes I tend to think I dress to sophisticated for my age but hey… I guess I like it. 

This particular look I loved putting together. As a business owner; I tend to find myself in more formal yet informal meetings with different people I work with; thus I try to balance out my looks to look official but with a twist of casual wear-looking, but still chic & respectable. A pop of colour piece such as this blazer creates a fun feeling as well a nice pair of chic cullotes that are so trendy. The stripes on the Cullote also gives the outfit more fun but official look. Don’t forget to add a comfortable pair of heels. I am always moving from place to place so comfortable is key! 

 Many self employed people get relaxed in their outfits because you don’t have anyone to dress up or if you work from home you don’t have to really dress up. But I have realised that it’s upto me to put effort in my daily looks just to give a sense of confidence when meeting other professionals. Also keeps feeling good about myself…

 Hope this blog gave my self-employed peeps some tips on how to slay be official and casual at the same time but still comfortable! Please share some of your tips down in the comment box! 

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Cullote / Polo Crop top / Similar Longline Blazer from My Couture Kenya ( Buy My Look Here )

Shoes – Primark 

Neckpiece- Topshop 

How I : study the bible

I thought I should start this series I call How I..? Basically sharing how I do something! What other way to start like How to read the bible? Not only will I share how to read it; but also how to understand and break it down as well us how to apply it and obey it! 

I used to find the bible boring! ( I am being 100% ) because I thought it was a book of stories that I had to read inorder to pass my Christian Religious Education but not until I realised that that the Bible is a manual for us to understand and know God prior to seeing Him in heaven; it’s a compilation of instructions on how to live on this earth, it’s a compilation of God choosen words that He would use to help me overcome this life….  ( I am not trying to deep) … Having this understanding gives me so much thirst to read it. There are 2 things that God has put above all, His Name and His word. Well then why not arm yourself with His word… What could defeat His Holy Word? Ok let’s then arm ourselves. 

Step 1: Position yourself to hear Gods Word:

What do I mean by position? I have previously mentioned that God’s voice is very still not loud. He doesn’t compete with the loud voice of the devil. So in order for you to hear Gods voice you need to be in a quiet room where there are no distractions ( ie: your phone, your child, your friends, Tv, radio) Set the mood in the room with prayer, just shake off your worries, call upon Him name, put some worship song, surrender all to Him Ask Him to guide you to what He Wants you to learn and ask Him to pour into you.( Habbakuk 2) 

Step 2: Pour your story over the Word. 

Put yourself in the story and then paraphrase the words as you jot them down. Ps Do not change the meaning of the word. Write down the key words. What is the principle of the word? Is it talking about distractions? Adultery? Forgiveness? 

Step 3: Pull out the spiritual principle from the paraphrase.

What is God trying to teach or promise you? What character of God does He want you to acknowledge? Is there a promise or a commandment ? 

Step 4: Pose the Questions.

Ask yourself am I heeding to this commandment? Do I believe God is going to deliver on this promise? Do I believe God who says He is? 

Step 5: Plan Obedience and Pin down a date to obey.

Strategise on your obedience. God doesn’t instruct just to be heard but to be obeyed. 

Alright I hope these tips will help you get to know God alittle better. I encourage you to get a bible the you understand. Also you can get the Bible Study app that I have been using to learn more about the Women of the bible and see what God wants me to learn from them. I hope these tips help you during your Quality time with God. Remember the word of God is sufficient. There is nothing that you may be going through that has not been covered in the bible. GB

I can’t let go of my life & get saved

This is Definitely something so many of us are struggling with. Leaving the life we have known to follow this unknown God. Some of us opt to give God part of ourselves because we don’t want to let the connection we have with those things get away; this could be the connection with our friends, the high of the drugs we are taking, the attention of that boyfriend/girlfriend that is in your bed ( that you know you shouldn’t be with in the first place), those pornographic videos you can’t  watching, it could be that blade you have been you using to cut yourself because your depressed; and your telling God you don’t know how it feels, I can deal with it, I know what am doing, Lord you don’t know how they hurt me, Lord I can’t stop, it’s too hard to stop, I will have no friends, my life will be boring without it. 

How is that the all knowing Majestic King would not know how His daughter is struggling; Psalm 34:18 The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. He knows that your not perfect but He has called you for such a time as this; He wants you the way you are. He wants to work in you so you can live in accordance to His will and purpose. He wants all of you. Every part of you. Not your past; He says that when you give your life to Him you die to your old self and now alive in Him. You say ‘ Lord you don’t understand, it’s so hard to break up with him, to stop hanging out with them, to stop going out, to stop having sex, it’s too hard I can’t get over my depression, because I don’t look good enough, I was rejected, oh no you could not possibly want me who sleep with people for money’ But in  Jeremiah 32:27 I am the Lord, The God of all man kind is anything to hard for me? You answer that, do you think God can call the whole universe into existence in one word but cannot get that sickened out of your relative, cannot give you beautiful loving and true friends, cannot satisfy you so you don’t have to party or watch pornography, cannot take away that depression? Really? 

Yes some of us surrender in church on Sunday but don’t submit unto the Lord during the week. Some of us don’t know the purpose of what your holding onto; you just think she is just a friend, it’s only one pornographic movie God, surely God you understand He will stop loving me if I stop laying with Him, sadly some of this things may go on to cost of us our lives. Haven’t we heard of people who have died to wrong company, sex, drugs but no we know better that the God Almighty. Don’t these things kill, destroy us? Ps: check out what is described as the work of the devil in John 10:10. 

You trust your friend, your job, the security of 10 degrees than God, the one who died for you.. None of your friends would even accept a beating on your behalf. Jesus tells us that inorder for you to find your life ( that which God has planned for you) you must loose your life ( that which you choose for your self). Some of you are just running away from God… Yet he keeps sending friends, preachers to get you to Him… Instead of listening and obeying Him, we keep running only to find; unwanted pregancy, drug dependency, sexual diseases, suicidal thoughts that we weren’t supposed to be in. 

Let’s be like the disciples He tells come lets go… And you immediately drop that friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, drug, blade and follow Him. Otherwise you will find yourself in the belly of a whale; Ps check out what happened to our guy Jonah. GB

Style growth


Hey guys hope you have all been good? Well I have in the past few days been thinking about how my personal style has evolved over the years. Frankly speaking about two years ago, I cared very little about my style, however I admired others whose style I thought at the time was really good. At the time I was going through a lot of life lessons, like how to be myself and stop trying to be someone else, appreciating myself more… Other lessons included who were my real friends? … Such things at the time had made my self esteem go at an all time low. Let’s say fashion saved me… 

I felt it was time to focus on my own self growth and stop forcing relationships with people who didn’t care for me as much as I did. So I decided to restart my wardrobe and started trying more in terms of my daily outfits to uni. This gave me something to focus on other than friends and other issues. Looking back now I feel that my style has grown at an almost similar extent as my self … Mentally… Sometimes something small as your passion (mine been fashion ) can keep you away from a lot of trouble or unnecessary drama. 

This particular outfit is another mile stone… I never used to wear such bodycon dresses because I was conscious of my body particularly my tummy… But now am more comfortable in my skin. As usual you know I always like to layer my outfits with a pop of colour hence the rust red longline duster coat. It’s give the look a more sophisticated feel.

Hope you loved this reflective blog. My outfit is from My Couture Kenya Here or call/whatsapp to order on 0711243087. 

Thank you for passing by!