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Living & Loving Pastels

 Hey ladies hope you have been having a great week! I have. I honestly have been having a feeling of New Me coming in. Just finding out who God says I am and what His purpose is in my life. Reason why I have wanted to go on this journey is because I have been battling persistent spirit of laziness & procrastination for a couple of weeks both in this blog and school work. I have had no will to pursue anything even dressing up hence this look. 

So as a result knit wear has been my go to. Paired with a pair of jeans and converse but I choose these coral sandal heels for the purpose of this post… haha. It’s been so chilly and I have accumulated a number of knit tops.. but this right here is my current fave. Pastel pink is the 2016 Pantone colour of the year not to mention I am totally obsessed with it. It also suits my complexion hah! This sweater also has a little bit of character with a cut out on the back… you can never go wrong with that! This look is so simple and effortless you should try it yourself like I said you can never go wrong.

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Just Leave! 

Many of us struggle to leave our unhappy place because we are more comfortable about where we know than where we don’t know. We don’t want want to take a risk of leaving our friendship groups/ ungodly relationships/Job/school/House that we have been apart of for a long time even though we may not be happy in those places or relationships. Mainly because we worry about what people will say, what if we fail, what if it doesn’t work out? So we decided to stay unhappy at the expence of our Joy. 

Before you consider leaving establish whether God wants you to leave that place or He is using you in that friendship group? Trust me the conviction will be present, just pray about it. 

Today’s verse we see a man who wanted to follow Jesus but wanted first to bury his relative; this in many ways could be first you want to enjoy the night life before you let God in; even when that life is draining you and your unhappy. Or it could be you don’t want to stop having sex with your unsaved boyfriend whom your not quite ready to let go of… Or you know God has called you to pursue your passion but you want to stay in your secure job although your unhappy… Jesus in turn told the man to leave his past because those in his past could work it out without him. I am sure the guy maybe thought Jesus was alittle insensitive as all your friends would think if you stop going out with them… but Jesus knew that. If you have been convicted to do something & your sure God has called to do something or has instructed you to change your ways… Truly there is no easy way to do it… Just leave… Just stop… Just don’t go back… What you are to gain with the support of the most High King is more than what your friend who you know talk behind your back can do for you? It’s not easy that’s why you need Him. Pray to Him for self control to stay away from those people or things… Be intentional about your obedience to His command… Plan how you will stay away from those things… Or if it’s a job and you have Been convicted to leave just leave… Remember God cannot give you further instruction on the next Job or where you will get a better healthy friendly relationships if you don’t leave the ungodly relationship or that Job He didn’t even tell you to apply. 

Remember being unhappy in your current situation doesn’t mean your not supposed to be there or you should quit. It could be God is using you at your work place or in your group of friends ( make sure your influencing them & their not wrongly influencing you), also it could be your in a season of testing. Pray for your answer before you leave… Remember it will not be easy when you leave… Abraham encountered a lot on his way to Canaan and he made foolish mistakes by going off course and going to Egypt instead of being steadfast and believing that God was going to provide during the famine…so stay steadfast, walk by faith and not by sight… He will be walking right with you as you walk away and toward the direction He will be leading you. GB

Why is My Life stagnant?  

The Lord put in my heart to just reach out to some of us that feel like we are not elevating in life and we feel stuck and maybe don’t know why? It can be really frustrating to see you plans are stuck and somehow within your power there is nothing you can do about it! It really sucks. Some of us don’t even know that’s why we are in distress. But we are busy distracting ourselves doing things God didn’t tell us to do like; getting a new job and leaving the one God had called us to do; moving from course to course in uni; transferring school to school; moving careers; taking up a new business idea and leaving the stagnant one;getting useless friends that keep you busy in sin; getting into bad relationships that God didn’t tell us to be in… (Insert yours here) so what to do?

The definition of stagnant on Google is; showing no activity; dull and sluggish or a (of a body of water or the atmosphere of a confined space) having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence. I want us to focus on the second one; there is no flow this no movement and thus it stinks! No one wants to be there… Ok let’s look at what the Israelites who were stuck in the desert for 40 years. Of all the places it was in the wilderness; realise no one gets stuck in a good place it’s always in an unpleasant place. Also the kept going round the same mountain over and over; notice that they were still moving in actual sense so this may symbolise the fact that you keep making your own moves from course to Course or job to job because you can’t elevate in your current state but you notice that even in your new business venture you still are not making more sales… The Israelites had disobeyed God and so they were caused to go round the same mountain. Could your sin be causing you to stay away from God because you feel cannot support you after what you did? Lies! God loves you… You just need to shut down these thoughts from the devil and seek forgiveness from God. He will give it to you! I assure you!

Or is it because you have been asking God to instruct you; show you what to do and you will obey just like what the Israelites told Moses; but then you always never follow His instructions. It’s too hard; why should I wait?; why not what I wanted?; but my friend said that doesn’t work? I already tried that? Remember the fisher men that Jesus found that had not gotten even one but when He told them to throw their nets back into the water one more time. They knew that because He was the messiah they had to obey. So they did and got many fish. If they argued with Him saying that we already did that, my friend told me it doesn’t work like that God… They could have missed out on a big catch… You could miss out on your next big thing! He is wise God, and He finds our knowledge primitive, the Word of God says lean not of your own understanding and in all you do trust in the Lord it also says “Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

Another reason could be God already gave His instructions but you were not in a position to Hear Him? You were busy moving into a relationship you weren’t told by Him to be in. So you were moving from bed to bed with men instead of being pure in His presence listening to the most High King. {See my Blog Here on how to hear & spend time with God } Remember when God told Abraham to leave His Home and go to the land He had given to him. It took Abraham 5 years to follow Gods instruction andGod never spoke to Him till He got to Canaan. Here we learn that He doesn’t give you another instruction till you heed to His last one. So do you feel like God is quiet and is not talking to you anymore? Could have instructed you and you didn’t hear Him or you did but your stubborn? How do you get out if you didn’t Hear Him? Well, seat before the Lord and ask Him to give you the instruction again and be obedient. God gives instructions to be obeyed! 

Okay so let’s stop being stagnant! Let’s stop distracting ourselves with ungodly things!lets stop being stubborn and arguing with God! Let’s walk by faith and not by sight! Let’s not lean on our own strength but of a God that has never being defeated! Let’s always be in a position to hear God… If you want a post on this comment below… Listen to God, Spend time with God and Obey Him! 


Decided to show you guys another similar look on how to style a statement blazer like this one. For this look I chose a more chilled yet sophisticated look. I am super obsessed with pull necks at the moment, maybe it’s because I only have one scalf and I only have one scalf, haha. Anyways other than that, pull necks have a way of making a look, look so polished. How cool are my little vans, they are quite worn out but I am still hanging on to them. They are super cute. I paired them with my ripped girlfriend jeans from River Island.  They give the look a more laid back look and extra chic. 

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Playful blues


Hello my loves? Oh yes it feels good to be 20 damn!! So am starting my new year with this banging look! How chic is this?? Ok I know it’s  a little over the top but hey who said over the top is bad.  Talk about some real Monday blues!!

I paired my white shirt also seen Here with a royal blue skater dress I got from Topshop a while back. Seen that the dress was quite short and very summery looking, I paired it with a pair of black tights and some super chic black sued thigh high boots I got from Public Desire they have quite affordable trendy heels and flats for at affordable prices (this is not sponsored) You guys should check them out!


I finished off the look with my oversized denim to give the look a vintage feel then added a mini bag from Ted Baker just to colour block with the dress. This look is super chic! Ooh! What about the sunnies from Timberland just awesome.

Let me know you guys think in the comment box! Let me know how you would have dressed this dress😋
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Guns and Roses

Hey guys!! Hoping you guys have been okay? 

Well should I start by saying a lot has happened in the last few days or weeks. Well am back in school now and I have been so busy settling down back into the system, hence its been hard to keep up with uploading regular posts. Please bear with me.😋

Moving on to this posts! Can I just say I have been loving loose crop tops. If you haven’t noticed am alittle chubby on the upper part of my body (which I plan to work on) so I have to know what works for my body. So here’s a tip guys, if your body shape is similar to mine and you want to wear a crop top; get one that’s not tight as such, then pair it with nice fitted high waist jeans. This usually  make you look more curvy and less chubby than wearing a tight top. In that case when you want to wear a tight top maybe wear something less tight as your bottom like a skater skirt. 😋 (thank me later) 

Crop top from TopShop 

Jamie jeans from Topshop

Vans from vans 


Knit hat and sweater from Primark


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See you later xx